Published April 17th, 2017 by Unknown

Full disclosure – I’m writing this post for the 15th on the morning of the 17th on the plane from Izmir to Ankara. I am going to try to be better about staying current on the blogging. I feel like I’m getting my sea legs on touring, but the first date felt a little rocky for me. Not because of anything anyone else did or didn't do, just because I have only been on the other side of concert promotion. You see, this is my first go-round as the representative of the artist. Sila (Sill-Lah) is the girl Friday here in Izmir and Ankara – the artist coordinator for Vigor Entertainment, our promoter for the first two dates.

I have been Sila for many, many years for the Honolulu Symphony and the Blue Note Hawaii. She makes sure we have everything we need at the hotel, transportation, venue needs, rider fulfillment, etc. We had our first tour snafu when one of the band members, Blinky, missed one of the connecting flights and was delayed for hours in Istanbul. He finally arrived, after much trouble, after the first set had started. Since he was a new member and never rehearsed with the band, he didn’t play the show at all. The rider never got into the right hands, so there was last-minute scrambling to manage that. I’m not technically the tour manager for this trip, but am functioning as such until that person joins us later in the tour. The bottom line is that no matter how on top of it people are, things always fall through the cracks, especially when there’s a language barrier. The key is to roll with it and find solutions. Everyone here did just that. No drama, no irritation. There’s a lesson in everything that happens. Iyeoka was greeted by over 700 enthusiastic fans and she and the Rock by Funk Tribe didn’t disappoint.

She played longer than she was supposed to which was awesome for the crowd, but meant we didn’t leave the venue until well past midnight (I think – not sure maybe later). I was wound up pretty tight and although completely exhausted I went back to the room and stayed up settling CD sales and answering emails from Hawaii clients. Since I was up, why not text with some friends and have a couple of drinks? Watch the news, organize the luggage. Oh my God it’s 3:30am and we’ve planned a full day of site seeing the next day. Well, there’s that lesson learned part. Don’t stay up until 4am after a show. I’m old. Maybe back in the day that would be acceptable but not now. All in all, it was a great start to the #iyeokatour2017 and I’ll take this day on to the rest of the tour. Sleep is key.

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